Tires Plus Locations for Easy and Convenient Car Care Solutions while Travelling

Have you ever got stuck in the middle of nowhere while driving and suddenly got your car broken? It is without a doubt a pain for such a thing to happen especially when you are at a loss of whom and where to call. Many people even have to resort to waiting for hours and hours for them to be helped, or desperately hoping for another motorist on the road to help them. You can avoid such a hassle if you are a member of Tires Plus Credit Card. They are offering a new service called Tires Plus Locations wherein you can call them anytime you need your car fixed and they get to you wherever you may be as quickly as possible.

Services Covered

It is not easy to get your car fixed when you are stuck in a place where there are no car repair shops. That is why the service offers every possible car care solutions you might ever need for every possible problem encountered on a drive with just one phone call. Whether it is just a simple flat tire or if your battery needs a jump start, Tires Plus Locations got it covered. Moreover if ever the service cannot fix your car on location, the service offers to have your car towed for free and moved into their car repair shop covered by the Tires Plus Credit Card. It is simply the easiest and the most convenient car care solution available while you are travelling.

Tires Plus Locations 3

Payment Methods

With Tires Plus Locations you can never be worried that you don’t have enough cash to be able to fix your car while travelling. All services rendered are automatically charged if you get a credit card from Tires Plus. You don’t even have to worry about service crew tips because your membership fee already covers it all. Once again proving the service to be convenient and hassle free. The next time you’ll be having a drive all you are ever going to worry about is how to pay for your gas or when do you get to your destination.

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Tires Plus Locations :Drive with no worries.

If you have Tires Plus Credit Card membership you need to take advantage of the convenience Tires Plus Locations is offering. You need not worry ever again when you’re out driving on far locations for possible car busts. You don’t even have to worry the cash that you will need to pay for such instant and sudden repairs. The service you have subscribed to will take care for it, at least for the time. But hey, that’s what credit cards are for, to be able to take care of whatever you need and giving you the time to pay for it at a later date. Oh, and your Tire Plus coupons may come in handy, too. Just show it to the Tires Plus location you are in and you can have a discount on the appropriate service.

Moreover this ups the feature of a regular credit card by specializing it to all your car care needs while travelling. With this you will be enjoying your cruise on the road without any worries, Tires Plus Locations will take care of it for you.