What Is A CFNA Tires Plus Card and How Do You Use It

Car maintenance is a necessary part of driving and owning a vehicle. Many car owners, however, neglect even the most basic aspects of car care until something is not working properly anymore and requires repair or replacement. It is often true that the cost of regular vehicle checks, maintenance, and proper care is much lower compared to what you would end up paying for a repair or parts replacement. For an in-depth discussion about the advantages of regular car maintenance, click here. CFNA Tires Plus card will take care of all preventive maintenance for your car.

solve car problems with the help of CFNA Tires Plus card

How can you save with a CFNA Tires Plus card?

Some repairs, on the other hand, are unavoidable and are part of the normal wear and tear of vehicle use. If you have a CFNA Tires Plus card, you are entitled to a variety of privileges and special discounts on services offered at Tires Plus Total Car Care locations across the United States.  You can read our  previous article which talks about the new Tires Plus service called Tires Plus location, a feature which makes it easier for Tires Plus cardholder to set an appointment with the nearest center. In addition to using your tires plus credit for your payment, there are also different Tires Plus coupons you can find on the Internet and present at your local Tires Plus center for added savings.

Tires Plus, of course, is known for their expertise on anything and everything about tires. Current coupon offers available include 25% off or 4th one free for Firestone Destination LE2, 50% off on balancing and TPMS kits for Bridgestone DriveGuard tires, 25% off the cost of Falken Ziex ZE912, or up to $100 off a 4-tire set of Firestone Transforce HT and Transforce AT.

If you are looking for other auto service coupons to use with your CFNA Tires Plus card , there are also special offers at the moment such as the popular $99.99 Summer Brake Special and the $9.99 Summer Vehicle Inspection. This time of the year is when a lot of people do long-distance trips to their favorite summer destinations, so it is important to keep the car in tip-top condition to avoid hassles on the road. Other coupons offered for credit first tires plus customers is the $21.99 Synthetic Blend Oil Change, Tire Rotate and Balance 10$ Off, $9.99 A/C Performance Check, and even a Free Battery Check coupon.


The best coupon offer at the moment (and many tires plus reviews seem to agree with this) is the Manager’s Special coupon for $134.99. This offer includes standard oil and filter change, four wheel balance and rotation, and three-year alignment, with savings of as much as $89.98. Instead of making separate appointments to your local Tires Plus center for these services, you can just schedule one appointment, bring your CFNA Tires Plus card with you and your vehicle will be all set.

Imagine the convenience such that a CFNA Tires Plus can offer? You can have your vehicle repaired and pay for it later. So you do not have to worry even if you do not have sufficient cash at hand. And payment is even easier with CFNA Tires Plus credit card. Just go to the tires plus credit card login page at www.cfna.com tires plus. Fill up the necessary information and your tires plus credit card payment will be processed immediately. No falling in line, no transport fees, no fuss. Check out our post about the easy and convenient application process for a Tires Plus credit card.

Maintaining your vehicle does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. With these special offers plus the convenience of having this CFNA Tires Plus card, you will be able to keep your vehicle in its best running condition sans the inconvenience.